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Coaches have told us that they need more tools to help them reinforce the crucial skills that the 3E app stresses with athletes, so we created this page as a place to post a toolkit just for you. As we build new tools, we will post them here so check back often! If you have ideas for topics or have needs that you would like our smart peeps to address, email us at and let us know!

Coaches Playbook

The Coaches Playbook includes 15 “cards”. There is one and for each of the standard 3E learning themes. Each card has useful information and tips on the topic for coaches to use when addressing their team or individual athletes. They are printable for easy access on the field, court or ice.

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ME Assessment Overview

Athletes begin the journey building 3E skills by completing our proprietary ME Assessment to gain a better understanding of how they are wired and what their tendencies may be in both normal and pressure situations. They then progress through the content and advance from Foundation to Advanced and finally to the Mentor level. Regardless of the level, our 15 standards learning themes are basis and reinforced through lessons and stories that the athlete can relate to.

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Captain’s Cards

The 3E Team Captain Cards are designed to teach you what it means to be a captain. This deck provides every captain with the information and tips you need to succeed, regardless of the sport. Towel and water bottle not required.

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Try Before you Buy

Try Before you Buy


What Our Coaches & Parents Have To Say

Andy B.


"We saw some really great benefits for our players, both on the court and off the court. I would highly recommend the 3rd element to any coach looking to improve leadership skills within their team."



"We have been using the 3E app for a couple months. I am a firm believer of the mental aspect and skill development of the girls. The girls have really benefited from the app."



"3E was brought to our board by one of our coaches. We took a look and reviewed the program and it really was a no brainer to invest into our student athletes on and off the court."