Coaches ToolKit

Coaches say they need more tools to help them reinforce the crucial skills that the 3E app stresses with athletes, so we created a Tools and Reference Library and also a Culture Building Blueprint just for coaches. 

As we build new tools, we will post them here so check back often! 

Tools and Reference Library

  • Coach's Cards
  • Huddle Sheets
  • Captain's Cards
  • ME Assessment

ME Assessment Reference

Athletes begin the journey building 3E skills by completing our proprietary Mental Elements (ME) Assessment to gain a better understanding of how they are wired and what their tendencies may be in both normal and pressure situations. They then progress through the content and advance from Foundation to Advanced and finally to the Mentor level. This document provides a reference for a coach on 5 Core Elements and 9 Pressure Elements.

If you have ideas for topics or have needs that you would like our smart peeps to address, email us at and let us know!

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