Coaches ToolKit

Coaches say they need more tools to help them reinforce the crucial skills that the 3E app stresses with athletes, so we created this page as a place to post a toolkit just for coaches.

As we build new tools, we will post them here so check back often!

If you have ideas for topics or have needs that you would like our smart peeps to address, email us at and let us know!
  • Playbook
  • Huddle Sheets
  • Captain Cards
  • ME Assessment

Huddle Sheets are used by coaches as a time saving way of structuring a chalk talk with the team.  These are short 2 page guides with quotes, tips and sample stories to help you prepare great instruction without the need for lots of planning time.



Cheat Sheet

Growth Mindset

The mindset that you bring to your sport can play a major role in how much fun you have and how successful you are.

Do you believe that you and other athletes are born with a certain amount of ability? That you either have it or you don’t? Do you feel an urgency to prove yourself over and over again, so that everyone knows you’re as good as they think you are?

Or, do you believe that you can develop your athletic abilities over time, through hard work and determination? Do you feel that everyone can change and grow through hard work and experience, regardless of their natural athleticism or skill?

Team Culture

The magic of culture. Be intentional. Be about each other.

Championship Culture = Be Intentional + Be About Relationships

It's not about slogans hanging on walls. It's about the conversations and interactions you have with each other. This is the only way you can go into challenging situations and trust that the connections you have with each other are strong enough to carry the team through to the other side where success is earned.


Confidence is one of those tricky things that can make or break you as an athlete. When you’re competing with confidence, you play knowing that things are going to go your way. You believe that you will win and nothing stands between you and all your goals.

On the other hand, when you lack confidence, you rarely perform at your best. Fear can make you lose your edge in a critical moment, making your game less fun. Playing with confidence can make all the difference between a good season and a great one. 


Communication is critical building a Championship Culture and for team performance. A meeting on this topic should cover the different types, the “what-how-when” you say it, and good examples of the impact it can have.

Body Language

Body language is an important form of communication. In fact, psychologists tell us that a large part of communication does not involve any words. Nonverbal behavior is the most crucial part of how we communicate with others.

Athletes communicate non-verbally all the time, and it plays an important role in how others perceive them. Just as coaches don’t allow negative talk within the team, they also pay very close attention to body language.

Negative body language can harm a team’s culture in the same way that poor verbal communication can. In this lesson, we’ll discuss body language and how it impacts a team’s culture and performance. 

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