Culture Building System

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Defining your culture is the critical first step in culture development, but most initiatives fail because they stop there. The 3E system helps coaches Define It and beyond to ensure that they Promote It, Teach It and Live It!

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Define Your Culture


Your Why. Your Why is your vision of what you want your program to become and has to be compelling and stated in a way to get people excited. It should make people want to be part of the program. 

Your What. Once the Why is defined, Your What (or your values) can be built to support your Why. Your What is what the program stands for in good times or bad. Your What should not be negotiable under any circumstances.

Your How. The third component to define it is what we call your How (or your behavior standards). These are specific actions and decisions that each coach and team member will live by. They should improve your ability to drive toward your Why.

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