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Define It - Promote It - Teach It - Live It

Your Why (or Vision) is the First Step in Defining a Culture

Establishing your team's Why is the critical first step to putting a foundation in place to build your Championship Culture on.  

In this video, Dr. Dave demystifies what it takes to define and set your Why. This quick educational video explains your Why and how to establish it. Let's go! 

Your Why is Only the First Step

The Define It activities usually happen in the Off Season or Preseason. Establishing your Why is an extremely important first step (see diagram), however experts say that most initiatives fail because they stop with this definition. 

Here you get free access to the Why materials, but 3E provides an implementation roadmap for an entire year (like what is show in the diagram), a mobile app with lessons for athletes, and other tools to make it easier for coaches to Define, Promote, Teach, and Live It! 

Free Tools to Define and Set Your Why (or your Vision)  

The table below tools that help coaches understand what the "Why" is and how to establish it.




"How To" Video

Video with Dr. Dave explaining a process to go through to define Your Why.

Your Why Worksheet

Worksheet to use to capture ideas and define Your Why.


Document with some samples from other programs to provide ideas.

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