The 3rd Element of Sports Training

There’s more to an athlete than sport-specific skill or strength/agility. There is a 3rd element. Though these physical components certainly matter, true champions possess an additional edge: a specific collection of character traits that are often forgotten, despite their immense impact. Traits such as situational leadership, effective teaming, smart motivation, and emotional intelligence.

And while the skills aren’t always inate, they can be taught. We provide an easy-to-implement, cohesive video program designed to help coaches, players, and athletic directors bridge the gap between “good enough” and “great.”  


Coaches go into a season with an offensive and defensive plan. Why not have a leadership development and team building strategy?
A strong team needs players who represent the program positively. Many coaches recognize how much these 3rd Element Skills  matter, but not all have the time and resources to teach them systematically. That’s where 3rd Element comes in: we provide an affordable and completely structured program designed to be implemented by coaches, directly to players, all in a series of concise, entertaining videos conveniently delivered to the athlete’s mobile device. It’s the pep talk all players need, in format they’re responsive to.  

Athletic Directors

Ensure your athletes have the character foundation needed to represent your organization positively.
The best players are also great people. At 3rd Element, we believe that training in topics like leadership, accountability, responsibility, and communication can provide athletes with a formal character foundation that they can rely upon in times of both crisis and celebration. Through our easy-to-implement, cohesive video program, we can provide your organization with the 3rd Element Skills training many athletes may be missing, creating the championship culture craved by coaches, fans, and players alike.

Parents and Athletes

Gain an edge with skills that last forever and separate yourself from the crowd.
College coaches look for more than talent. Many believe that recruiting someone who can personally contribute to the program’s culture is just as important, and that requires the 3rd Element Skills. Whether you aspire to play in college or merely want to improve yourself as an all around athlete and person, 3rd Element has training that can help... all delivered through videos, via an app, at a pace you set yourself. 


3E Skills Make Better Players...People

The 2 Elements of (1) strength/agility and (2) sport specific skills are vital to becoming a successful athlete. There is no debating that. However, the truly successful ballers have something else. They are not always the biggest, strongest, or most athletically gifted. They process a 3rd Element of skills that separates them from the pack. Pick your sport and you can name one. (Hint... (Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Lionel Messi....)

This 3rd Element of skills is also the basis for the same skills that put athletes in a position to be successful in their next phase of life.

 3rd Element skills make better athletes, and better athletes make better people!

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