About Us


A strong team needs players who represent the program positively. Many coaches recognize how much the Intangibles matter, but not all have the time and resources to teach them systematically. That’s where 3rd Element comes in: we provide an affordable and completely structured program designed to be implemented by coaches, directly to players, all in a series of concise, entertaining videos conveniently delivered to the athlete’s mobile device. It’s the pep talk all players need, in format they’re responsive to.   

Athletic Directors

The best players are also great people. At 3rd Element, we believe that training in topics like leadership, accountability, responsibility, and communication can provide athletes with a formal character foundation that they can rely upon in times of both crisis and celebration. Through our easy-to-implement, cohesive video program, we can provide your organization with the Intangibles training many athletes may be missing, creating the championship culture craved by coaches, fans, and players alike. 

Parents and Athletes

College coaches look for more than talent. Many believe that recruiting someone who can personally contribute to the program’s culture is just as important, and that requires the Intangibles. Whether you aspire to play in college or merely want to improve yourself as an all around athlete and person, 3rd Element has training that can help--all delivered through videos, on an app, at a pace you set yourself.