The 3rd Element - Athletes Transformed
The 3rd Element - Athletes Transformed


A skills program that makes athletes more accountable, coachable, and builds a team first mentality beyond the game.

How athletes will be transformed

Through this program, coaches can efficiently provide every athlete the opportunity to better understand themselves, be inspired, and grow together as a team. Coaches don’t have enough time and budget to spend with every athlete to help them be their best. While most sports training focuses on physical abilities and game skills, The 3rd Element focuses on the intangibles – leadership, teamwork, and emotions.

Better Teammate

Build stronger relationships and positive engagement between players, coaches, and parents.

Leadership Development

Impact the way that players see themselves and the positive influence they can have on others.

Emotional Intelligence

Players will recognize and gain control of their emotions and create peak performance on demand.

“The program that the 3E team is providing is so important. This stuff is getting missed today in youth athletics and should be a requirement for all high school and college programs.”

Brent Winter, Former Head Coach and GM, Boise Burn (AFL)


Be the first to gain access to this new life skills training program so your athletes can grow and experience positive transformation beyond the game.

Coaches can easily track and engage with athletes on their journey

Life changing content for athletes right on their phone.

Athletes will be given access to the program where ever they go. They will get professionally curated lessons, training, and even inspirational stories from high performing athletes.

Coach and manage your team on the web.

Quickly manage and track progress of each athlete on your team. This allows you to provide additional coaching as needed.

“My co-captain and I were asked to run offseason workouts and were a little worried about it. We implemented what we learned from the 3E about being a leader and captain and it helped so much! Things are going great”

Colin D., captain of high school baseball team


Begin transforming athletes by providing them with a life skills program that creates a positive impact beyond the game.