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My name is Laken James and I am a former Division 1 Women’s basketball player from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.       Growing up, I was your definition of a gym rat. To me, there wasn’t a better feeling than walking into an empty gym and working on my game. I wanted […]

Overcoming Fear of Failure & Anxiety

Friday, September 27, 2019


Article by Guest author and content contributor – Julie Fournier – Founder & CEO of Basketball is Psychology   Introduction Steve Kerr had one of the most pressure-filled roles in basketball. In his 15 years in the NBA, Steve Kerr started only 30 games. Some games, he wouldn’t play at all. Most nights, his job […]

This past weekend I took my son back to college for the start his sophomore year.  I had the opportunity to spend a few hours 1 on 1 with him in the car. As is always the case with him, the conversation topics were varied and all over the map.   The one topic that […]

Over the weekend, I overheard a conversation between a dad and his middle school aged son regarding football advice. “If you want to keep play football, you need to stop holding up people when you tackle them. You are bigger than half the kids out there. You need to start hurting people, breaking their bones, […]

Rob Mendez was named the coach of the year at the 2019 Epsy’s Awards. Ron encapsulates the spirit of determination and perseverance as he was born without arms or legs but with a strong love for football. Rob learned how to play football by using Madden video games as his gateway to the field according […]

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Andy B.


"We saw some really great benefits for our players, both on the court and off the court. I would highly recommend the 3rd element to any coach looking to improve leadership skills within their team."



"We have been using the 3E app for a couple months. I am a firm believer of the mental aspect and skill development of the girls. The girls have really benefited from the app."



"3E was brought to our board by one of our coaches. We took a look and reviewed the program and it really was a no brainer to invest into our student athletes on and off the court."